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3D SOFTWARE - StereoPhotoMaker IN 10 STEPS

The following will guide you through the steps of creating 3D photos out of your the camera using a special 3D software. While there are many software products out there, StereoPhoto Maker is a free easy-to-use software package, designed for 3D image manipulation and handling.

STEP 1: Download and Install

Go to the StereoPhoto Maker website or click on the download link. Unzip the downloaded file into your desired hard drive location.

STEP 2: Start SteroPhoto Maker (SPM)

Go to the location where you unziped SPM to and double click the "stphmkre.exe" file.

Select "File->Open Left/Right Images.." menu option.

stereophoto maker 01.

STEP 3: Select Left Image

STEP 4: Select Right Image

STEP 5: Convert Stero Image to Anaglyph

Select the "Color Anaglyph" button at the top button bar (circled in red)

STEP 6: Review the generated image using 3D Red/Cyan glasses

STEP 7: Save 3D image into single a single JPEG file

From the menu bar, select "File->Save Stereo Image..."


STEP 8: Specify file name and define image quality

Select the desired image quality (Jpeg compression), select the file name to save to and click save

STEP 9: Review your generated Jpeg image

Your Generated Jpeg image should now appear on the SteroPhoto Maker main. You can view it using your 3D glasses.

STEP 10: Share your 3D image with friends and family

Once you have the 3D images as a single Jpeg, you can share it with anyone who has 3D glasses.These glasses are very cheap. For instance, you can get three pairs for $2.13 on Amazon and many online stores.