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Taking 3D Photos

There is more than one way to create 3D photography. While methods can differ in the amount of effort and money that you’ll need to invest, the ones listed below can yield high quality 3D images:

Photos of my homemade 3D camera>

Rendering 3D images

The effect of 3D image is achieved by showing each eye a slightly different image of the same object, from a slightly different position, just like the human eyes do. The brain then combines both images into a 3D image. If the two images are completely different, the brain will not able to combine the two and the 3D effect will not be achieved.
There are quite a few methods for rendering 3D images, all have the idea of showing a slightly different picture to each eye. Common methods are:

  • Cyan / Red using glasses, each eye filters a different color and so we can show a different image to each eye. This is the most simple method and the one which is demonstrated in this site. Pros – easy to work with, glasses are cheap. Does not require a special display. Cons – colors are lost by filtering.
  • Polaroid filter – using special glasses, each lens filters either horizontal or vertical lines. These lines cannot be seen by the naked eye and there is no color loss, like in the case of the cyan-red method. Pros – no color loss, relatively inexpensive glasses. Cons – images tend to be dark, hard to produce.
  • Individual projection -in this method, each eye is projected with a separate image. This method is common in video games and virtual reality consoles. Pros – good quality of color and brightness level. Cons – hard to produce, requires expensive dedicated equipment.

Generating 3D Images

Whatever method you use to create your 3D camera, taking pictures should result in two images per shot, each taken by the left and the right camera respectively. The next step is to combine the two images into a single image that can be viewed using the cyan-red glasses (as mentioned, we will focus on this method since it is the most easy to produce). There are many software programs out there but one that seems to be popular (and free) is StereoPhoto Maker, which you can download from here.

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Pictures of my Homeade 3D camera

Below are some pictures of the camera used for taking most of the photos on the site. As you can see, the design is simple and does not require anything special.